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TW23 High Capacity 2 in 1 Hot Towel Warmer & UV Sterilizer

$179.99 $74.77 (You save $105.22)

14.00 LBS

Select your towel warmer with or without Microfiber Facial Towels
(prices vary by option)

FREE Extra Ultraviolet Sterilizer Bulb

High Capacity Hot Towel Cabinet/UV Sterilizer

This high capacity cabinet serves dual purpose as an Ultraviolet Sterilizer and a Hot Towel Warmer. With separate function switches, you can run the Sterilizer or the Heat function individually - or both at the same time! Keep your towels at a toasty 175 degrees Fahrenheit and use powerful ultraviolet rays to sterilize your tools and implements.

  • CE Certified - International Compliance to Safety Standards
  • Heats up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 70-80 disposable facial towel capacity
  • 32 terrycloth facial towel capacity (towels not included)
  • Removable Towel Grill
  • Easy-clean drip Tray Included
  • Separate Power Button so you don't have to run UV if not needed
  • 175 Watts

Dimensions (all measures are closest approximations)

  • External Dimensions: 12"H x 17.5"W x 12"D
  • Internal Compartment Dimensions: 6"H x 13"W x 9"D

Towel Heater Function

Heat up your facial or manicure towels to provide a soothing comforting warm experience for your customers. This cabinet has an extra large capacity of 32 terrycloth facial towels, or up to 70 or more disposable facial towels. \

  • Extra large capacity of 32 terrycloth facial and manicure towels
  • Able to hold more than 70 disposable facial and manicure towels

Ultraviolet Sterilizer Function with FREE Spare UV Bulb

Ultraviolet rays provide sterilization of bacteria and microbes on glasses, brushes, electrodes, or any kind of manicure/pedicure instruments you have. You can rest assured that your implements are safe, clean and free of bacteria for use on your next client. Use this as a sterile overnight storage cabinet.

  • You get an extra Ultraviolet bulb for FREE with purchase!
  • Separate Power Button for Sterilizer so you don't have to run heat function if not needed

Premium Professional Grade
Ultra-Soft White Microfiber Gentle Exfoliating
Facial Towels

Our ultra-soft gentle exfoliating microfiber towels are especially beneficial for maintaining personal health & beauty. Super thin fibers allow for more thorough cleansing to remove more dirt, bacteria, oils and residual cosmetics than non-microfiber towels. People who suffer from acne or allergies will enjoy the powerful yet gentle cleansing and exfoliation they can achieve with our microfiber towels.

Our plush, ultra-soft, flexible towels are finer than cotton and soft as silk. Use them to Remove makeup with just water and reduce allergies caused by chemicals. Our towels contain no chemical additives and dry quickly between use.

Our premium, microfiber towels provide stylists, nail technicians and professional spa estheticians with premium performance. Microfiber is more absorbent, dries faster and lasts longer than traditional cotton towels. Our towels are ideal for all salon, facial, and nail services.

  • Generous towel size: 10" x 19.5"


20" x 16" x 14" | 14 lbs
20" x 16" x 14" | 16 lbs