3 Function Facial Steamer Packages


3 in 1 Herbal Aromatherapy Facial Steamer with Your Choice of Facial Bed

FUNCTIONS (Individual descriptions below): 

  • Herbal Aromatherapy Facial Steamer
  • High Frequency
  • 5x (16 Diopter) Magnifying Lamp
Herbal Aromatherapy Facial Steamer
  • Ozone Function: Sterilizes the steam as it passes through the steamer arm ensuring a clean, safe treatment.
  • Herbal Aromatherapy: Herbal Basket so you can add fresh or dried herbs into a small satchel.
  • Essential Oils: Drop your desired oil or scent on a cotton ball and place this in the herbal basket for essential oil aromatherapy.
Professional Grade Ozone High Frequency Facial Machine
  • Frequency range of 60,000-200,000 hertz
  • Violet argon gas
  • 4 Glass Electrodes: Violet Argon Gas Glass Electrodes include:
    • Mushroom Electrode for broad treatment areas such as the forehead
    • Spoon Electrode for targetted sensitive areas such as dark circles/bags beneath eyes
    • Sparker (Zapper) Electrode for precise sparking and sterilization of pimples
    • Rake/Comb Electrode to stimulate scalp circulation to encourage new hair growth
Integrated 5x (16 Diopter) Magnifying Lamp
  • 5x Magnification (16 Diopter): For close up inspection of pores and treatment area
  • 8x High-Magnification Loupe: Built-in Loupe in the magnifying lens for extreme close-up inspections
  • Super Bright LEDs: You won't overheat and dehydrate your client's skin
  • Integrated Lens Cover: To close and protect your magnifying lens

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