Tame™ Skin Relief Serum


Tame™ Advanced Anti-Inflammatory  Healing Skin Relief and Recovery Serum 

Originally designed to soothe and aid in healing of tattoos, Tame™ relief serum has proven a highly effective treatment for all types of distressed, reddened, and inflamed and irritated skin. This serum provides relief to distressed skin – such as that recently subject to tattooing, microdermabrasion, extractions, facial peels, waxing, or vigorous exfoliation. Tame also provides instant calm for Rosacea, dark circles and chronic redness in all skin types. Tame relief serum is highly effective in the treatment of redness commonly associated with Rosacea skin conditions.

Key ingredients combine to help reduce swelling and soothe the skin by helping to constrict blood vessels and capillaries. The serum also has several antioxidant and antiseptic properties to prevent infection while promoting healing. 

Apply to directly to clean skin before any other products including moisturizer or sunscreen. This formula can be used day or night with your existing product regimen.

Sodium Palmitoyl Proline Sodium Palmitoyl proline a modified Amino acid that works as a skin conditioning agent. It has a particularly beneficial effect on the skin as it helps reduce wrinkles, firm skin and increase skin elasticity.
Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone A natural derivative of the flavonoid hesperidin found in citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit. It is used to reduce dark circles under the eyes and also thought to support and protect the integrity of the vascular system, specifically the capillaries and veins. It has been shown to help strengthen capillaries by increasing capillary resistance, decreasing capillary permeability, and allowing vessels to dilate more easily.
Dipeptide-2 An anti-inflammatory skin conditioning agent that helps improve lymphatic circulation and detoxifies skin. Improves microcapillary circulation. Increases healing and skin regeneration as it enhances the skin's protein synthesis and amino acid uptake.
Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 A regenerating peptide comprised of four amino acids that is used in beauty products and cosmetics to suppress the production of excess interleukins, the chemical messengers which trigger the body’s acute inflammatory response. Skin looks and acts younger renewing its strength against photo aging and environmental damage.
Allantoin Allantoin is odorless, safe, non-toxic, and non-allergenic ingredient that is moisturizing and keratolytic. It causes keratin in the skin to soften, helping the skin to heal more quickly and to bind moisture more effectively. It is ideal for dry skin or distressed skin, and for healing wounds, burns, and scars. It is also effective against sunburn, chapped lips, cold sores, diaper rash, and similar skin irritations.
Green Tea Leaf Extract Powerful antioxidant with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
White Lotus Extract Powerful antiseptic properties
Fig Buttercup Extract Anti-inflammatory that helps to prevent dilation of blood vessels. One of the herb's constituents, protoanemonin, is said to have antibiotic properties and considered useful against bacteria, and the saponins found in it are also said to be fungicidal
Sea Whip Extract A farmed feathery member of Caribbean-grown gorgonian coral, may hold the most promise: 0.06% of the extract neutralizes 90% of phospholipase A2 (PL~2). A naturally occurring enzyme in the body that leads to the pain and swelling associated with Rosacea. (Pseudopterosinss - the sea whips' active compound is currently under review as a new drug for the treatment of arthritis, burns and contact dermatitis
Red Marine Algae Extract Naturally derived from red marine algae found around the Hawaiian Islands. This formula’s activity improves moisture levels, reduction of fine lines, increases skin firmness and elasticity, and increases cell turnover. Studies have shown it enables a substantial reduction in redness
Licorice Root Extract Anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory with UVA and UVB absorption abilities
Kola Nut Extract Kola is a nut that grows in tropical climates. The seeds of the fruits of kola tree are called the kola nut, or bitter cola. Kola is a revitalizing ingredient that stimulates circulation without dilating blood vessels
Guarana Berry Seed Extract

Used for its toning and astringent properties. Guarana seed extract is a vascoconstrictor, and creates a smoothing effect. By increasing blood flow and increasing the lipolytic effect, it blocks enzymes and decreases triglycerides breakage. This anti-inflammatory impact also makes guarana seed extract a popular ingredient in eye creams. By constricting the blood vessels in the delicate eye area, caffeine can help reduce puffiness.

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